Information for new campervan owners



For insuring your newly converted campervan, we recommend a couple of insurance companies who specialise in campervans. If applicable they can also insure your base van prior to conversion and then adjust the insurance to suit once it has been converted into a campervan;


  • Just Kampers Insurance ( 01256 976253)

  • A-Plan Insurance ( 01527 881010)



Before first time use of your camper you may want/ need the following accessories;


  • Campingaz 907 gas (Try to find a local supplier so future refills are easy)

  • 240v Hook up cable (Amazon- Silverline 981201)

  • 240v Hook up cable 13a to 16a house adaptor (Amazon- Silverline 818738)

  • Insulated cab window covers/ blinds/ screens for your specific van (trafic/ T6 etc)

  • Thetford 335 Porta potti (and chemicals/ loo roll) for applicable LWB conversions

  • Caravan step if it would help you access van and/ or roof bed


Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance or would like us to supply (we can’t supply gas).