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Awnings.. Wind-out? Drive-away?

We've had a few customers ask the difference between a Fiamma wind-out awning and a drive-away awning.

The first picture shows the Fiamma F45S awning which is incredibly quick and easy to set up, and is more of a shade and rain shelter- perfect for stop-offs, days out or over-night stays.

The second picture shows a drive-away awning which can be bought in many styles and sizes and requires an awning rail to attach to the van. They can give extra living space or even bedrooms and can be quickly disconnected from the camper so that the van can be used on day trips and the awning can remain on-site as a tent. Very handy for long holidays or if you have larger families or dogs.

The Fiamma F45S is self-contained and mounted on the side of the van meaning no extra luggage, where as a drive-away awning is stored in a carry bag and required space for storing on your journeys.

A very hand point of the Fiamma F45S is that it actually has an integrated awning rail, meaning you can attach a drive-away awning for longer breaks, or use the F45S itself for stop-offs, days out and over-night stays! This makes it very versatile and what we would recommend fitting. If you look in the second picture, this is a drive-away awning fitted using the Fiamma F45S!

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