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Dometic Hob Recall Notice

Customers with completed conversions should have received an email from us this morning regarding this recall on some of the Dometic hobs.

We have been informed of a recall affecting some of the Dometic 9222 sink/ hob units fitted to our camper vans. Find the recall notice attached.

It only affects certain model (SKU) numbers so please either use the guide below to check your SKU number yourself or feel free to contact us to come in and we can check for you. Please switch off the gas at the regulator as per the Lomond Campers user manual and do not use the gas hob until you have clarified whether your unit is affected or not. To find your SKU number you may find it in with your Dometic manual on an un-used sticker, but as not all seem to have it you will otherwise need to check the large sticker that is normally found on the underside of the sink bowl, on the hob side. There you will find a SKU number (illustrative picture attached). It may be easier to stick a phone in and take a picture. The affected units that could be in your camper are SKU numbers 9600037324 and 9600037326. If your unit has either of these numbers then the current advice from Dometic is to turn off the gas supply (as above) and stop using the hob immediately. We have to await further information, guidance and the rectification from Dometic themselves. Please let us know if you do or do not have an affected unit so we know who to keep in contact with regarding the issue. Apologies for the inconvenience, we will update as and when we get an update ourselves. https://www.dometic.com/en-gb/outdoor/uk/lp/product-warning-and-recall Regards, Gary. Lomond Campers Conversions - Sales - Hire www.LomondCampers.co.uk Tel; 01592 772651

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