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Updates to our conversions!

Ever striving to improve, by listening to feedback and looking at areas we could enhance in functionality, we have now changed a few areas of our conversions:

1- We now fit a full moulded plastic side step instead of the original smaller step which was previously finished around with carpeting (Trafic conversions).

2- We are now re-fitting one of the original rear load area lights meaning that there is a light that comes on and off as you open and close the doors (it can be turned off if req). (Trafic conversions).

3- 3 additional shelves now fitted as standard, one in the front cupboard, one in the tambour door cupboard and one in the rear cupboard.

4- An access door is now fitted in the base of the tambour cupboard so that you can access the rear storage area from a 2nd point and also access the leisure battery easier on Trafic conversions.

5- A bettery cover has been added so items can be easily stored on and around it (Trafic conversions).

6- A recessed LED light strip is fitted above the kitchen making it flush fitting and a very neat finish.

7- Now fitting an external waste outlet which will free up further space in the front cupboards by removing the Grey water container.

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