This is the latest version of the user guide and some elements may not be relevant to earlier conversions.

Before Travel

** Please read these brief instructions fully before attempting to use any of the equipment **

It is a good idea to connect the 240v hook up the evening before travel and switch on the leisure battery charger as well as the fridge to allow the fridge to cool and the leisure battery to fully charge before departing. Also ensure you have sufficient gas for your trip (Campingaz 907). 


Elevating Roof  (if fitted)

** Never drive with the roof raised or with the securing straps loose ** Ensure elasticated strap above bed  is clipped together before lowering the roof ** Open a door whilst raising or lowering the roof **

To raise the roof, release the securing straps and push up on the inside of the roof. Once fully raised, put some tension back on the straps- Never leave straps loose. The bed is now able to be raised or lowered on its gas struts.

To lower the roof, put the bed in its lower position, make sure the elasticated strap/s above the bed are clipped together and then pull down on both roof securing straps until the roof is 2/3 closed. Now pull the tent in at both sides and front to ensure it does not get  trapped in hinges, gas struts or roof seal. This is very important. You can now close the roof fully and tighten the securing straps ensuring they have some tension on them pulling the roof down tight. Store the excess strap away above the cab.

If the roof  is used in wet weather, open and allow the tent to air on the next dry day. Air the tent regularly.


Swivel Passenger Seat

To release the swivel base, un-screw the 4 securing knobs by turning them anti-clockwise until they can be lifted. Now turn them while lifting so the  horizontal pin comes through the cut-out to secure the knob in the lifted position. Open the passenger door and the seat can now be swivelled (clockwise for Trafic/ anti-clockwise T6) as well as sidewards and forwards. Be careful not to damage seat upholstery. To re-secure in the fixed driving position, rotate in the opposite direction, put the seat in approx position and then drop the 4 securing knobs and screw them clockwise until tight.


Rock and Roll Bed

To lower into bed position, unscrew fixing knob and store safely.  Pull some slack on seatbelts and then use the central handle to pull the bed forwards. Once nearly in the flat position, push down on the remaining raised section on bed until it secures itself in the flat position. To raise back to seating, use strap or put your hand down the side of the bed and lift the central sections up from the flat position, the bed will start to lift on its own. To secure in the seat position, push firmly on the front edge of the seat to close the final gap to then refit the fixing knob.


Control Panel

Press the main power switch (top left) to switch on. At this point the leisure battery (marked L) should be pre-selected and will show battery level in a combination of LED lights for a few seconds.

Power is now available for the lighting switches and USB power points.

To switch on the entrance lights, use the switch at the entrance door.

To switch on the kitchen lights, use the light button on the control panel. 

To switch on the power for the water, use the tap button on the control panel.


Connecting to 240v Hook Up

Ensure the battery charger is switched off (see ‘charging the leisure battery’). Connect the 240v lead to the power point at the drivers rear of the van, then connect to the 240v source on the site/ at home. This now gives power at the 240v socket in the camper van and the option to charge the leisure battery from the mains supply (see below).

Charging the Leisure Battery

With 240v hook up connected- go into the rear cupboard and locate the silver power management unit EC155, switch on the large red switch located on the top right of the unit to switch on the leisure battery charger. Do not leave on any longer than is required to charge the leisure battery.

Whilst driving, the fitted Sterling smart charger located in the rear cupboard alongside the EC155 will charge the leisure battery automatically, the status and voltage of which are shown via a selection of LEDs on the front panel while the vehicle is running.


Gas Hob

** 2 Points of ventilation (window/door) MUST be open at all times while using the hob to stop the build up of deadly carbon monoxide **

Lift the sink and hob covers and ensure both gas knobs are switched off. Locate the sealed gas box in the cupboard under the sink and open it by turning the quarter turn lock and then pulling out at the top and  lifting the door off. Fit a Campingaz 907  butane gas bottle by screwing securely onto the regulator. Now unscrew the regulator anti-clockwise to allow gas flow to the hob. Close the gas box before using the hob.

Ignite the hob by opening the corresponding gas knob while simultaneously clicking down the  ignition button. You may need to try igniting a few times. Once finished, turn off the gas knobs at the cooker before opening the gas box to close the gas regulator by turning in fully clockwise. Close the gas box door again.


** Do not travel with open water containers ** ** Do not drink the water from the tap **

To switch on the power supply for the water pump, ensure the control panel is switched on and then  press the tap button on the control panel, it will have a blue LED showing power is on. Switch back off after use.

Fresh and Grey (waste) water tanks are located under the sink. On the left is the Grey water and on the right is the fresh water. Regularly check and empty the Grey water container to stop it from over-filling and be careful to not spill water on the floors or in cupboards.


Fridge Freezer

The fridge is switched on via the power button on the left hand side inside the fridge door. The temperature can be adjusted from the same control panel. Ensure the fridge door is not left open as it will have to work harder to cool the fridge back down and will subsequently drain more power from the leisure battery.

Heater (if fitted) 

** Do not use the heater while unattended, whilst travelling or with low fuel level in the vehicle ** Ensure leisure battery is well charged before using heater **

Economy heater fitted- Use the ‘on’ button to switch the heater on, it will go through a heat-up process before getting to full heat after several minutes. Rotate the control knob to adjust the heat output. Press and hold the ‘off’ button to switch off the heater, it will go through a cool-down cycle which will take a few minutes before switching itself off.

Autoterm heater fitted- follow the user manual.

Fuses/ RCD’s

Fuses for the main power management unit, the fridge and the heater are located in a fuse box mounted on the leisure battery (in the rear cupboard). Fuses for lighting, water and the USB power point as well as  240v RCD’s are located on the front panel of the EC155 power management system (located in the rear cupboard). The Sterling split charge system has a small blade fuse located under its red front cover. There's also fuses on the main power cable- one at the leisure battery and one either under the driver seat or at the vehicle battery (in a black fuse holder).