Warranty & T&C's

All work is carried out in our fully insured workshop with public liability insurance and is covered by the following warranties for peace of mind;

Warranty periods*


Conversion- 12 Months

Economy night heater- 12 Months

Autoterm night heater- Manufacturers 3 years warranty

Upgrades/ repairs- 12 Months

New vehicle (vehicle only)- Manufacturer's warranty

Used vehicle (vehicle only)- 3 months/ 3,000 miles, whichever occurs first (extendable)

*T&Cs apply


Terms & conditions


Payment & deposits

To secure a booking slot a 10% deposit is payable (£100 minimum/ £1000 for pop top fitting).

14 days prior to the booking slot a 50% deposit is payable.

The remaining balance is payable on or before vehicle collection.

To secure a vehicle sale a 10% deposit will secure the vehicle for collection and payment within 7 days.


Deposits are non-refundable should you withdraw from the transaction.

Conversion specification

Customer conversions are completed to the customers chosen materials/ finishes/specs as noted on their order form and attached to customer invoice and/ or quote. 

Completion time

We forward-plan and order materials well in advance of work being carried out and normally complete conversions ahead of schedule. In the off-chance we are affected by supply issues or otherwise and cannot complete the work by the completion date, we will not be held liable.


Warranty T&C's


Warranties apply for the periods stated and to the original purchaser only.


We expect that you will cherish, care for and maintain your new camper or conversion to a high standard. Any damage or wear and tear is not covered by warranty. Mis-use, neglect, user modification, user dismantling or attempted repair of any affected part will void any warranty.


The supplied ‘user guide’ should be followed at all times and any deviation of use will void any warranty.


All equipment has been tested as working as intended at completion and the customer has been given a full demonstration to confirm this. 


We shall not be held liable for any injury sustained by mis-use or otherwise.


Where we have fitted a customer supplied part, the customer will be liable for the cost of labour involved in removal/ replacement should their supplied part be incorrect or become faulty.


Any repair carried out by us that is found to be outside the warranty T&C’s will be chargeable to the customer.




Elevating roof- Securing straps must be secured and under tension while driving to compress roof seals down onto roof. The vehicle should never be moved with the roof elevated. The roof should be lowered in high winds and pointed with the low end towards any wind. Any damage will be deemed as mis-use and is not covered by warranty.


Tent canvas- No pressure or weight can be put onto the canvas as it is not designed to withstand weight which will potentially damage, tear or pull the canvas from its fixings. Elasticated straps should be secured while operating the roof to stop canvas being damaged by entrapment in hinges. Bed boards should be lowered fully before lowering the roof to stop the tent being trapped in the roof bed. Any damage will be deemed as mis-use and is not covered by warranty.

Diesel night heater- the night heater must not be removed from its power supply before it's cool down procedure has completed. The heater must be run for 30mins per month at full speed (while attended) to clear any soot from the combustion chamber. Any damage will be deemed as mis-use and is not covered by warranty. Before any warranty is accepted the heater will be connected to diagnostic software to confirm the warranty standards have been met. For Autoterm heaters please see manufacturer's warranty details.